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approved a disaster declaration, vowing every penny spent on recovery will be scrutinized. while gas pipe fears evacuated two schools. gallileo academy was evacuated, it turned out to be a false alarm. >> we're going to take shelter in place. >> reporter: another scare this morning prompted the evacuation of portola elementary school which is located less than a mile from the san bruno explosion site. >> i received the phone call around 9:30 or so saying that they are evacuating the school. >> reporter: crews determined the gas they smelled was actually ca heaters. classes were cancelled for the day. >> san bruno is very sensitive. if we were going to do
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something we were going to side on the error of caution today. >> reporter: these residents who lost everything say they are not sure they want to rebuild their lives here. >> i'm scared to come back. i don't want to but like my dad said it could happen any where else too, but i don't know, i just hope we can just get back on our feet soon. >> reporter: and since that deadly explosion now one week ago, san francisco dispatchers say they have had an increase of 911 calls smelling natural gas. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. in oakland an actual gas leak forced the evacuation of several buildings today. pg & e says a cable company working in the area punctured a pipeline. in just a short time ago, pg & e said that ruptured line has been capped. no injuries were reported. the first of several services to remember those who
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died in last week's pipeline explosion is tonight. a rosary service will begin in just an hour for jaqueline and janessa gray. a funeral will be held tomorrow morning at st. cecilia church. for those who were burned in the san bruno pipeline explosion the road to recovery could take months or in some cases even years. today the doctors treating those at the st. francis burn unit discussed their recovery. we also heard from a woman who spent two months in the burn unit after being injured when a pg & e underground vault exploded right under her. >> i had to learn how to walk again, i had to learn how to use my hands and range of motion. i had to learn how to really speak. >> reporter: at least seven people are still being treated for burn injuries as a result of that pipeline explosion. three at san francisco general
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and four at st. francis hospital in san francisco. there are new health concerns tonight in the san bruno fire zone. with the possibility of rain, the burn cars, homes and contents could pose a health risk. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler joins us from the fire zone with more. >> reporter: health officials today declared this a hazardous site and requiring residents inspecting their homes like these people to wear white suits and masks. but, fire officials say they do have a plan to protect the public. >> intense heat incinerated everything. releasing potential deadly toxins from asbestos to heavy toxins. crews acknowledge they have not tested. >> we are deciding to handle this material as it would be hazardous, not hazardous waste
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but hazardous. >> reporter: homeowners let in today but only with protective gear including masks. >> if you're immediate contact with it, if you're digging into it and inhaling it it's going to be a hazardous. >> reporter: tests show no off site air contamination. the threat of significant rain brings a risk of washing into storm drains then into san bruno creek and eventually to the bay, toxic ash. >> not only carcinogens and they go into the food base. >> reporter: work will begin next week and be finished in four weeks. >> we will remove and dispose. what will end up at the end will be clean properties. properties will have a sealed certification saying it is clean. >> reporter: until then health
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officials are urging that everyone avoid direct contact with the ash and debris especially avoid breathing it and people who are in the fire zone are encouraged to wear protective gear. they are also encouraged that if the wind and this breezy area picks up and pushes ash in their direction to go indoors. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. there is also a warning tonight about scam artists who may be trying to prey on vulnerable victims of that disaster in san bruno. state contracting officials say after massive disasters there will be scammers trying to take advantage of the victims. >> they are traumatized, they are trying to get their lives back together the best they can. they have somebody come up and say i can fix this for you, we'll work with you. >> the most common scam is when
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someone asksfor money up front then take off before doing the job. unlicensed contracting in a disaster zone is a felony. two women from san bruno were charged today on attempting to impersonate victims of the san bruno fire to get assistance. they falsely said they lived in the burned out area. they each face three felony counts of commercial burglary, perjury and filing false documents. two people from san francisco, naisha taylor and deonte bennett are also facing the same chargeless. they are currently out on bail. stay tuned with ktvu for the latest on the san bruno fire and explosion. you can also get more by going to a container ship arrived
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bridging in much more than its cargo. john sasaki has the story. >> reporter: here you can see the berth 57 @ 57 at the port of oakland. that's where this whale is still stuck on the boat. you can see clearly the big animal lying on its side on the front of the ship. the vitality arrived this morning and the crew didn't knowing in pulling into the bay that the animal was there. officials from the marine mammal center told me several things. right now it seems to be a dinkie whale. and that it could have been dead before it got stuck on the ship or as the ship struck it.
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people at the port were sad to see it. >> it's sad, we love the environment. i hate to see it. >> i don't think that's a common experience. >> reporter: you have not seen this before? >> in my occurrence i have not seen this before. >> reporter: the last time this happened in the bay area was in 2008. sometime tonight or tomorrow the whale caucus will be towed out to see where it be become part of the food chain. there are already reports that sharks have started feeding on those remains. john sasaki. california's budget is now 78 days late. tieing the record for the longest budget impact in state history. the only other time the legislature failed to pass a spending plan for this amount of time was two years ago. today legislative leaders are meeting with the governor right now and there are no expectations of any breakthroughs. democrats say they have agreed to as many cuts as possible, republicans say the budget has to be balanced without new taxes. the governor is expected to speak after the meeting.
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a new poll shows a surprisingly tight race for oakland mayor. don perrata the man most thought would be a shoe in to replace ron dellums appears not to be a shoe in after all. randy shandobil has our report. >> reporter: there are ten candidates running for oakland mayor. but a new report shows only a few have a real chance. >> it's obvious to us this is a three person race. >> reporter: the three? former state senate president don perrata and gene quan and rebecca chaplain. according to emc research perrata is not the shoe in experts thought he'd be. >> i wouldn't call this a slam dunk looking at the numbers. >> reporter: former tv analyst
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joe tuman has 4%, the rest 1% or less. to win the election outright a candidate needs 50% of the vote. but with 10 candidates running that could prove a difficult hurdle to overcome. so what happens if no one gets 50%? for the first time oakland will use what's called the ranked choice or instant run off system where voters place their three choices. if no one gets 50%, the choices could count. >> i haven't made my mind up. i haven't done any research. >> perrata i think is the front runner, i'm going to vote for him. >> i'm going to vote for rebecca caplan. >> it goes down to a three candidate race with perrata quan and caplan. then caplan is eliminated.
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those votes are redistributed and perrata wins. >> reporter: but only marginally. perrata with 52%, quan 48%. police and racial profiling, where a local community group says it's happening and how they are tracking it. plus. >> reporter: first in the bay area, find out why car poolers in a new diamond lane may be charged a toll unless they take a very important step. and i'm looking at some rain out in the pacific, it will impact the weekend. i'll tell you which days you'll need the umbrella. what started as a police chase ends in death. we'll tell you what led up to this deadly crash.
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two men were killed in san jose early this morning when an suv crashed. the suv overturned and hit two parked vehicles on east st. james street near north sixth street. earlier officers tried to pull over the ford explorer and the driver sped off which triggered the chase. officers lost sight of the suv. but a short time later, chp noticed the ford drivinger ratically. they saw i ng -- they noticed the ford driving irratically. the 19-year-old driver is
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charging charges including vehicle manslaughter. hearings wrapped up today in the case of yussef. today defense attorneys called to the stand an expert in social psychology who also works as a consultant with the jury research institute. the judge is expected to issue his decision within a week. a south bay community group released a new survey about racial profiling by police. the group people acting in community together or pact gathered today at the guadalupe church. 35% said that they had been stopped by san jose police without cause. a spokesperson said the information should guide the selection of a new police chief. >> we beg the city to hire a person who has a proven track
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report record of dealing with the immigrant community. >> reporter: one of those who said he had been stopped was a parish priest who said he felt very intimidated by the officers. relief is on the way for many commuters near freemont as the bay area's first express lane is set to open on monday. the lane stretches 14 miles on southbound highway 680 in alameda county between pleasantton and milpedas. today law enforcement officials explained how it would work. sal castaneda joins us now. he's in freemont with more. >> reporter: that express lane officially opens for business on monday morning. bay area political leaders were on hand today to celebrate next week's opening of the 14th mile express lane a first for the bay area. it will allow drivers to use the car pool lane for a fee. about $4 to $6 during the peak commute. >> other parts in the state in southern california do have
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these hov lanes and they've been very successful, very well accepted by the public and lead to less congestion and hopefully that's what will happen here. >> i think people understand that this gives them a choice to make their lives easier. >> reporter: tolls will be collected electronically using fast track. car poolers will fast track will have to disable their transponders to avoid being charged. caltrans says special sensors will keep people on other lanes with transponders from being charged. workers will increase enforcement as needed. >> we'll be doing a lot of training with our officers over the next couple of weeks. just where the entry points. >> reporter: not everyone likes the new lanes. >> it sucks for the people who
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go on craigslist to have that privilege bought out by people who can afford it. >> reporter: the lanes are open to all drivers on nights and weekend. that mylar tag you can get by calling fast track. sal castaneda, ktvu news. state officials urged every californians over the age of 6 months to get a flu shot. doctors say this year's vaccinations will include protection against the h1n1 virus in case there's a third wave of the pandemic. the vaccine will include two other strains. you can also stave the flu by washing your hands frequently, covering coughs and sneezes and staying home while sick. we've been talking about the possibility of rain all week. back to our chief meteorologist bill martin, any more news on when it's going to rain? >> the models have dialed in a little more.
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looks like sunday will be the wettest day of the weekend. but friday, saturday and sunday will have sprinkles. there's fog in san francisco, the fog will get far in. here's how the forecast breaks down for you tonight. the fog comes back, morning drizzle tomorrow. it's going to lift the fog, create enough instability that there'll be some drizzle. for your morning commute that could have an impact. here's what we're tracking. this is as we get into sunday morning, there's your rain. the model had rain mainly on saturday. it was hinting at 10:00. the newest run, we'll have the new one at 10:00. it just sort of fine state tunes it. right now it looks like we'll have showers on sunday. of course here's a system i'm tracking, tomorrow is a
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transition day. there might be some drizzle. highs will still be in the 60s and low 70s. then what we're checking out in the morning will be the fog as it pushes inland. so that fog tomorrow and low fog go all the way into the delta so you start off cloudy. as we get into the afternoon hours, you get a little bit of clearing, but tomorrow is about mostly to partly cloudy all day as this system gets closer. temperatures remain close to mild. 79 in fairfield, 76 in napa. pretty warm for clouds. so it's going to feel more muggy tomorrow. it's going to feel like san diego, los angeles. not as dry as typically. it's going to feel kind of humid. 75 in san jose. i have to tell you what, fire danger goes down. that's good news for firefighters. your five day firefighters right now, drizzle friday, maybe a sprinkle saturday.
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sunday looks like your best bet for rainfall. maybe .01 of an inch in san francisco. >> enough to be annoying. >> all right, bill, thank you. a fight on the golf links has a former san francisco giant in legal hot trouble. that story is next. ?w?wóç
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mill which mitchell is facing new legal trouble tonight. a judge has ordered mitchell to stand trial. if convicted on assault and battery charges, the exballplayer could spend four years in prison. mitchell was selected as the most valuable player in the national league in 2004. the raiders were supposed to be on our station on sunday, but for the first time in seven years the raiders homeowner did not sell out 72 hours before kick off. so the tv broadcast between the rams and raiders will be blacked out locally. raider fans are used to not
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seeing their team on television. last year just one of eight home days was sold out. former raidsers coach jimmy ray is now the offensive coordinator. jimmy is feeling the the heat. 49ers had to call time out or kick a delay of game penalty because the plays were late in getting the quarterback alex smith. several reasons were given for that miscommunication. bottom line is cost them points on two key drives in the red zone. the recent yahoo sports report says that someone inside the organization blames jimmy ray for being slow and confusing in his play calling. and mike singletary doesn't like leaks. >> dumping is disappointing. a start with maybe a little immediate reaction. i believe that in our country, it's the saddest thing that's happened. one thing that i want to teach our guys is to be men. if there's something that you have to say, go say it. and say that you said it. but don't go say a bunch of
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stuff, but don't tell him i said it. to me that's a wrap. that's a coward and a wrap. >> i'm the one that's telling you it was a close vote. the ktvu high school game of the week st. francis. this game received 45% of the vote compared to 44% who wanted st. ignacious. and san francisco currently one-half game behind in the west division and the wild card. and the padres pitcher scored the first and only run of the game and still 1-0 st. louis here in what is now the 5th inning. giants and dodgers, we'll have complete highlights tonight at 10:00. >> we're looking forward to it. imagine working for two
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months and never getting paid. coming up on tv 36 at 7:00, that's exactly what's happening at one bay area community center. it's all coming up in 30 minutes. that's our report for now. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. for everyone here at ktvu. thank you so much for joining us. have a good evening everyone. >> good night.
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